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Cruel Summer Book Club is a free newsletter (not a book club) written by Jillian Anthony about making space for your art and yourself. We feel things here. Every Tuesday you’ll get a personal essay or links to everything I’m reading, listening to, and thinking about.

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Why readers love CSBC:

It feels like getting a newsletter from my big sister in my inbox. (I don’t have a big sister so that makes this even better.)”

“I feel less alone after reading your newsletter. It feels like hanging out with a good friend.”

“You write about real shit in an honest way.”

“I love your mix of personal writing and thoughtful link curation. I always find something I’m interested in that I’d never heard of. It feels funny and real, not too calculated or ‘branded.’

“I think your newsletter is one of the more wholesome newsletters I follow.”

“I feel like you ‘get’ me and it's like talking to a friend.”

“Thanks for sharing so openly and vulnerably! I subscribe to dozens of newsletters but always look for yours in my inbox and know that it'll be a delight to read!

“When I read your Cruel Summer emails I see myself, so much, that it freaks me out (in a good way). You make the madness of my inner world feel a little more normal and a little more bearable.-Annabel S.

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About the author, Jillian Anthony:

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I’m a writer and editor with 13 years of experience in travel and culture media. I am the former lead Editor of Time Out New York and the former Deputy Editorial Director of Culture Trip. As a freelancer I've built a creative life brick by brick, pitching and writing editorial stories, launching ambitious content projects, and helping businesses and individuals find their voices.

In my newsletter, Cruel Summer Book Club, I write personal essays and share what I’m reading and thinking about. I also host a podcast of the same name where I have deep conversations with creatives about change, how we get through it, and what we find on the other side. Getting to hear the vulnerable, messy, astonishing details of people’s lives is what I love most about my work.

I’m from LA, lived in New York City for nine years, and currently call Austin, Texas home. (I don’t say howdy but I do say y’all.) I’ve been buried in books since childhood (and annoying my mom by ignoring everything she says while I read ever since). There are few places I love more than bookstores and libraries—other than National Parks.

When I’m not reading you can find me outside on long walks, savoring time with my friends and family, rewatching Happy Endings, and hanging out with my cats.

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