✨ Introducing the Cruel Summer Book Club podcast! ✨

I hope you listen and love it!

✨Today I launched the Cruel Summer Book Club podcast!✨

She’s here, and she’s beautiful! I’ve been working hard on this project for months, and I’m so, so excited to share it with you.

Cruel Summer Book Club is a podcast about change—one of life’s only certainties. It developed from my desire to keep having the kind of heart-melting interviews I’ve long published in this newsletter; talking to inspiring, fascinating people has always been my favorite part of the work I do. The podcast is a place for me to have honest conversations with friends, authors, artists, life coaches and others who share wisdom about experiencing Big Change, how they got through it, and what they learned on the other side. 

The first two episodes are out right now, and you can go listen to them!

Listen to the podcast

In the first episode, I introduce myself and discuss the massive change I experienced over the last few years, including a breakup, being laid off and embracing the life of a freelance writer, going on a solo roadtrip, moving in with my parents, and recently moving from New York City to Austin, Texas. It’s been a lot, babe!

In the second episode I talk with my best friend, writer Samantha Stallard (who I’ve interviewed here twice), about calling off her wedding, supporting each other intimately along parallel paths of grief and healing, and how antidepressants changed Samantha’s life for the better.

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Upcoming guests include New York Times bestselling author Ashley C. Ford; artist and author Adam J. Kurtz; love coach and former Survivor contestant Francesca Hogi; Nylon’s astrology columnist David Odyssey; life coach Catherine Andrews; a nonmonogamous couple discussing opening up their marriage; and more yet-to-be-announced guests. Exciting stuff!!!

Thank you to every single one of you for subscribing to Cruel Summer Book Club over the last two years, and giving me the support and confidence to dream big and make this project shine. I hope this podcast fills your heart as much as it’s filled mine. And I have to give an extra shoutout to those of you who’ve supported my work financially—each of you helped make this podcast possible:

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