I'm thinking about how I've reached much more of an acceptance stage with everything going on. I'm accepting that the life I had before this is pretty much over, that it's time to close that chapter completely. That's a lot to swallow and I'm still taking it in. But I also know in my bones that I am ready. When I have all the information I need to make big choices for myself, I am ready to make them.

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May 2, 2020Liked by Jillian Anthony

I'm thinking about all of the uncertainty... in employment, summer plans, travel, markets, and relationships. Wondering about next steps moving forward- does it make sense to travel to see family this summer?  Or do I save money for next year in case I'm laid-off over the summer if my university chooses to continue mostly online and my "essential" job no longer exists. I'm thinking about the privilege of still having been employed during this pandemic, and continuing to be employed through mid-May until going off-contract for the summer, knowing many people haven't had that luxury of continued employment at all.  And while I am thankful I am employed- balancing that against the unknown of the virus and still having to interact with people in my job, wishing I could 100% work from home to better ensure my own safety. It's complicated. Lots of uncertainty and mixed feelings and thoughts around all of these topics.

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