I'm in Los Angeles staying with my sister for the forseeable future. I'm glad to be with family and to be able to take long walks in the lovely weather.

High: Being surrounded by animals whose only dream is to cuddle with me!!! My sister has a pug, Lola, and a kitten, Kiki, and I brought my cat, Minerva, and we're all in this house, 24/7, snacking, sleeping and cuddling. All three of them love to pile on top of me as I work. It's comforting and dramatically cute.

Low: Figuring out how to physically work from home. I don't have a work station here, so I'm switching between an uncomfortable dining room chair, a couch, and a bed. It's not great! I'm now trying a couple hours of sitting on the floor with my laptop on the bed above me, so at least I'm forced to straighten my spine.

Best digital finds:

-FaceTiming with many friends at once.

-Marie's Crisis (a beloved piano dive bar in NYC) is hosting nightly singalongs from their Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/120608734673633/)—you can tip the performer through Venmo.

-This 30 Days of Yoga series on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioO8K653kMA&list=PLui6Eyny-Uzzl1q-GskVUZp6Fk8nIr9rK&index=2). The sessions are 20-30 minutes and are meant to build skills slowly, so they're perfect for beginners or for a break from your work day.

-The Nike Training Club app for many free, at-home, no-equipment workouts (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nike-training-club/id301521403)

-Monterey Bay Aquariums' live animal cams (https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/live-cams)

-Download 300,000 books for free from NYPL (https://www.timeout.com/newyork/news/you-can-now-download-over-300-000-books-from-the-nypl-for-free-031820)

-Watch live theater from home. I think Time Out New York will update this list daily (https://www.timeout.com/newyork/theater/the-best-theater-you-can-watch-from-home-today)

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I'm solo in my one bedroom apartment with the comfort of my dog, Jasper, and home office.

My low is the seemingly endless anxiety of working in the events industry during a time where there is no events industry. I am stressed about the uncertainty of the world right now, including the health and safety of my family and friends, my job security, and my selfish need to travel, have IRL experiences, and sit eye to eye with those that I love.

My highs work hard to silence the lows, including early morning and late night walks with Jasper, yoga in the living room (followed by vacuuming because holy shit I can see how dusty it is under the couch from downward dog!), extravagant cooking marathons while belting Broadway songs (your girl has made homemade gnocchi, banana bread, cherry almond granola, and roasted mushroom soup while cry-singing to Company), long calls with friends, even longer baths, and every Architectural Digest home tour YouTube has to offer.

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The Penguins strolling at the Shedd Aquarium. Perhaps my favorite video of all time

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I'm in Philadephia.

The high of my week has been finding a previously unknown work-"life" balance in work from home. Specifically, I've been getting in workouts regularly that bolster my physical and mental wellbeing.

The low of my week was when my mom canceled our daily walk, depriving me with any face time with another human. I've vowed to find backups who are willing to take a walk with me.

The thing that's getting me through: Learning lettering. I took the plunge and bought a tutorial guide and it's QUITE calming to pick up the pad and just learn to write letters. (http://handlettereddesign.com/)

Also LOTS of ASMR. Some of my favorite artists:




Stay safe and healthy everyone :)

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I'm in North Carolina and spring has finally sprung.

My low was having to postpone a day I have looked forward to for so long (my wedding, which was scheduled for tomorrow) :( But the support I received was amazing and I am so thankful all of the vendors were understanding and available on the same date! My other high was that 3 patients in my medical practice tested positive for coronavirus (last Saturday), went on isolation, and all 3 have already drastically clinically improved and are recovering well, including a 101 yo patient! There are some really promising treatments emerging which is news that feels great to hear.

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My low: This constant stream of hopelessness, anger and anxiety.

My high: Using writing to come to conclusions. I've been feeling guilty about leaving traditional journalism behind during this pandemic, but writing this out made me realize I made the decision to leave for a reason. https://wordvomit.substack.com/p/working-through-the-guilt-of-not

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Low: Constant fear

High: 90-Day Fiance

I'm simple.

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Low point was finding that dear ones are willing to say they don't want to get angry and therefore are basically burying their heads in the sand

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