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Love you too Jillian. My Mom’s advice, your Grandma Betty was “Get up and get it on down the road!” My translation is “Yes life gets hard. Get up, brush yourself off and get back to work! Always moving forward.

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Best advice I got when becoming a new mom that can apply to so many different things in life and something that I try to remind myself constantly... listen to all the advice everyone will give you and then do exactly what YOU feel is right

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I don't know if I can easily narrow down the best advice my mother ever gave me. I know what the advice she gives most often is: Make a pro-con list. So practical! If you were trying to decide whether to move to the sun or the moon, Jan would say "Make a pro-con list!" And I have in fact done this exercise many times. It's a great way to start the decision-making process, and even if the list is rather even after I'm done, I usually know much better which way I'm leaning. You almost always know intuitively which choice is the right one—you just have to logically talk yourself into it.

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