May 11, 2021Liked by Jillian Anthony

Hello again! Love a post about good news and books. Shared your good news with a couple of Austin pals! Your book list is great. I especially liked your own mentions of Levy, Lockwood, and Gay. I almost singularly write about the books I read (here https://aseverm.com/read) but thought I'd list a few that remind me of the ones you named.

I just finished Cathy Park Hong's Minor Feelings. I finished an essay each morning and felt my brain come more alive.


Cassandra Speaks: When Women are the Storytellers, The Human Story Changes by Elizabeth Lesser

Anything Claudia Rankine does

You might enjoy Writers and Lovers by Lily King

Know My Name by Chanel Miller

Anything by Carmen Maria Machado

Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Helene Cooper


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