Dec 18, 2020Liked by Jillian Anthony

You are such a strong, kickass lady and I appreciate this newsletter so much (especially now) - wishing you the best

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Dec 10, 2020Liked by Jillian Anthony

This was so beautiful to read, and caused me to remember strengths and desires I had inside myself that I had abandoned this year. Thank you for writing it.

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"The sky ripped open with heavy rain. I stepped off the bridge into Manhattan and watched the drenched protestors keep coming and coming, no end in sight."

This line made me emotional at my laptop.

Living in LA this year was a special one -- winning two Championships for the Lakers and the Dodgers and because of how the seasons were, they were mere weeks apart. Even with no parades or bar celebrations or what have you, the city was alive with hoots and hollers. Feeling very lucky to have been here when that happened.

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