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I want to thank you so much for this podcast. I honestly have not stopped thinking about it since I listened. Soren and Mirabai have put so much thought into how they want their marriage to be. And even though I’m an adult who realizes smart people come to different conclusions about important things, it’s still interesting to feel myself getting defensive any time monogamy is challenged.

But the fact is, we all have some aspects of our lives that line right up with society’s expectations and other aspects that couldn’t possibly—or else we’d feel trapped and inauthentic. The trick is to let others figure those bits out for themselves and support without judgement. Maybe if we all did that, beautiful people like Soren and Mirabai could be “out” without worry.

I’m reminded of what Glennon Doyle often says of her marriage to Abby Wambach—that she feels both held and free. I love that. I love that it can mean different things to different people.

Since listening, I’ve had some awesome discussions with my husband about why we continue to choose monogamy ten years into our marriage. Why it feels sacred to us and why it helps us feel held and free. It’s been really lovely to think about and share with each other. If we’re doing what’s expected and taking the well-trodden path, then maybe it’s even more important to *really* know why.

Anywho, thanks again!

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