Sitemap - 2020 - Cruel Summer Book Club

How far would you go to reconnect with your estranged parents?

Cruel compendium #21 πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

Cruel compendium #20 🏑

The moments that made 2020

Cruel compendium #19 πŸŽ„

Family matters

Cruel compendium #18: Gift guide edition 🎁

I can do hard things

Cruel compendium #17 🀠

Single woman

Cruel compendium #16 πŸ’¨

Where there's smoke

Cruel Compendium #15 πŸŒ‡

Guns in America

Cruel compendium #14 🍯


Cruel compendium #13 😺

Can you do me a small favor?

Cruel compendium #12 πŸŒ•

~*Some personal news*~

Cruel compendium #11 🌹

Dear Jilla: How can I stop feeling so bad about being single during the pandemic?

Cruel compendium #10 πŸ’“

Happy birthday, Cruel Summer Book Club! ✨

Cruel compendium #9 πŸŽ‚

Let's talk: What's your favorite true love story? πŸ’•

Part two: A long, messy, romantic, true love story

Cruel compendium #8 🍦

Part One: An abusive relationship, from a man's perspective

Cruel compendium #7 πŸŽ†

Introducing my advice column: Dear Jilla

Cruel compendium #6 πŸ•

How a rom-com author rewrote her happy ending after a breakup

Cruel compendium #5 πŸ™Œ

Meet the monster peeing in my house

Cruel compendium #4 ✊🏾

What I can do now

Cruel compendium #3 πŸ’•

Lessons on grief from Harry Potter

Cruel compendium #2 🌟

Meet my roommate: my mother

Cruel compendium #1

Grief gone weird

Let’s talk: What’s the best motherly advice?

Ethan Wall sold everything he owned to travelβ€”then coronavirus hit

Let's talk: What are you thinking about today?

Cruel scammer

The magic is in you


I got laid off

Catherine Andrews broke up with codependency

Let's talk: What are you most looking forward to when quarantine ends?

Moving, and standing still

Let's talk: What was your high-low this week?

Let it go

Amanda Duarte found freedom in divorce

What if your ex started dating Lady Gaga?

Fleur Pierets' books commemorate her wife, and their hopes to wed around the world

Two hearts-a-healing

Viral sensation imdatfeminist wants you to wake the hell up and dump him


Ivette survived an abusive marriage

The shore

You will be okay